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Lions Fitness is your one stop vegetarian and vegan personal chef, health coach and personal training professional. Offering unique and bespoke health and fitness services for determined individuals wanting the most amazing body transformations in the most time effective manner.

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Vegetarian & Vegan Meal prep

Vegan Meal Prep

As a true vegan fitness professional, I specialise in meal preparation for both vegetarians and vegans. I have high ethical morals on animal welfare and the belief in the many health benefits a plant-based diet brings to the human body.

Health and Wellness Coach

Health Coach

My philosophy is simple, eat well train hard and take advantage of everything around you. Be positive and achieve your goals with health coaching from Lions Fitness

Personal Training

Personal Training

Lions Fitness believe in a fully rounded holistic view to personal training, food and healthy lifestyle plans. Taking full advantage of all the tools nature has given us. Achieve your goals with us now.

See My Workout Style

I really enjoy working out with Russell, he understands my needs, my goals and helps me get there with confidence. He is supportive always and as many fresh ideas. THANK YOU


PT Client

Russel introduced me to many vegetarians meal options, and I have noticed a remarkable difference in my health since reducing my meat intake. He’s an amazing cook!!


Meal Prep Client

I started training with Russell because I wanted to improve my health and tone up, targeting my glutes. I am very pleased with my results so far, and looking forward to seeing more.


PT Client

Timely Support

Enjoy timely results with our expert knowledge and experience.

Earthly Science

Our training and meal plans are based on nature’s greatest tricks

Digital Tools

We use the latest digital tools to monitor and track your results and support your health plans.


Clear and effective throughout your journey with us.

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